20151031_140851-1Bridget “Eevee” Muncy:  Pixel Artist, Gamer, Collector, Pokémon Master, Business Owner, Nerd (obviously), and Vending Department Director.  Bridget has been a vendor herself for several years.  With her company Pixel Freak, she has attended countless conventions selling her “Pixelated Nerd Art”.  She has an ample amount of knowledge concerning the Vending Department, and she intends to use that to create a near-perfect experience for everyone.

Geek Mob is not the only event that Bridget is involved with. She is also Vice President of GameStruck just under her business and life partner, Zach Wray.  GameStruck helps various events and conventions with gaming departments along with hosting standalone events.  She also operates a local Pokémon group, the SW Virginia Pokémon Trainers, and runs meetings and tournaments open to the Pokémon community.

In her down time, Bridget spends her time gaming on (mostly) Nintendo systems and collecting all sorts of nerdy memorabilia. She is also a colossal fan of books, board games, cats, comics, and much more.  All of this and Ms. Eevee still finds the time to have a huge heart!  She always loves helping others, having adopted animals with special needs, often volunteering her time, and donating to others. She is always looking for a way to help folks out!

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SW Virginia Pokémon Trainers on Facebook