Harvest Blaque

Born and raised in Roanoke,VA, Harvest Blaque (Bryan Hancock) infuses the sounds of old school hip hop with blues and rock undertones to create an innovative, new school sound that he calls “soul hop”. He has an eclectic taste in music, listening to everything from Led Zepplin to Run DMC, and finds inspiration for writing in the stories told by Musical Greats and underground artists alike. Bryan is also a local Disk Jockey who loves to mix and blend all kinds of great music. His first album/mix-tape, “Stress as a Weapon”, blends his knack for storytelling with vintage laced tracks, and although fueled by angst, ultimately delivers a message of hope. Executive produced by Mike Kazee, Harvest Blaque also worked with local producers Chris Prythmn (Ill-lit), Optimo (Mike Madison), L.S. (Robert Miller-Cox), and an underground producer who goes by the alias the “Terrible Aussie.”

Harvest Blaque2He is the host of the very insightful and inspiring “Soul Sessions” poetry slam at 16 West Marketplace. He has also participated in writing, acting and producing the award winning web-series, “Tuned Out T.V.” and has made his theatre debut in the Showtimers production of “12 Angry Men.”  Harvest has a passion for music and gives every project his very all.

Email Phone: 540-986-8234 Booking Iquiries