Hazel Dayze is a quirky cosplayer local to Roanoke, VA who first cosplayed in 2006 then started running with it in 2012. She has traveled to about 70 different conventions up and down the east coast, from New York to Florida, over to Indiana and down through Tennessee, showcasing costumes like Power Girl, Cammy from Street Fighter, Iron Fist, 7 of 9 and so forth. Hazel, has won awards for her cosplays over the years and mostly enjoys connecting with others in hopes to help encourage the fun world of cosplay. She has done acting and modeling as well as designing anything from swimsuits to wedding dresses. She is a strong believer that everyone can cosplay without limits and there are always ways to make a character unique to oneself. Hazel was MystiCon’s 2017 “Fan Guest of Honor” and continues to rock as the Baroness for local B & D Comics as well as make hand-made costumes and other goods for herself and fans. You can find her on Instagram *Hazel_Dayze* and Facebook via www.hazeldayze.com.