20160219_200902Zach Wray is the Director of the Gaming Department for Geek Mob. He is the owner, founder, and operator of GameStruck, formerly Roanoke Gaming, a group based out of Roanoke, VA structured around anything and everything gaming related. He specializes in various game consoles and full arcade cabinets from the 1970s to today. You can find GameStruck at several conventions and gaming events throughout Virginia and surrounding areas. Mr. Wray is extremely passionate about his work and clearly doing what he knows best. He has experience with operating his own gaming events and tournaments for over 10 years. It’s safe to say, he’ll be doing this for awhile!

He also helps his partner in crime, Bridget Muncy, with graphic and web design for her local business, Pixel Freak. They work hand in hand at events with his games and her nerdy themed artwork.

Along with playing video games or collecting everything Star Wars, Zach spends time with his young Padawan, Luke. This little Jedi is often with him at events, clearly following in his daddy’s footsteps. This is Zach’s main inspiration for being so awesome! Video game enthusiast, toy collector, movie fanatic, Mandalorian, and much, much more… You can look forward to great things from this guy!